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Spikes Tactical Battle Trigger Set - Nickel Boron


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The Spike’s Tactical  Trigger is a single stage Mil-Spec trigger, rounded hammer to work with all calibers, and disconnector that’s plated with Nickel Boron. This plating gives you an extremely reliable single stage trigger and it’s also one of the most grit-free trigger pulls that you’ll find on the market that breaks between 5-9lbs (depending on individual spring variance) and gets even smoother the more you shoot it. 

This kit comes with everything you need to replace your old trigger set. Inside, you’ll find the Nickel Boron plated trigger, rounded hammer, and disconnector; as well as brand new Mil-Spec trigger, hammer, and disconnector springs. We’ve also included stainless steel hammer and trigger pins that both feature a Black Oxide finish for durability just in case the ones you have are a little worn or if you’re installing it in a new lower!

  • Nickel Boron finish for a smoother trigger pull and enhanced reliability
  • Breaks at about 5-6lbs in most applications
  • Works with all calibers
  • Nickel Boron plated trigger, rounded hammer, and disconnector
  • Mil-Spec trigger, hammer, and disconnector springs
  • Stainless steel trigger and hammer pins with a Black Oxide finish
  • Spike's Tactical Lifetime Warranty