Primary Weapon Systems Triad Flash Suppressor 30 Cal

$79.95 $75.95
Brand: PWS

Title: Primary Weapon Systems Triad Flash Suppressor 30 Cal

The PWS Triad flash suppressor features a revolutionary design bringing true flash suppression together with reduced muzzle flip by redirecting gases exiting the muzzle without the overpressure created by muzzle brakes and recoil compensators. The unique internal design of the Triad provides excellent flash suppression while retaining a great deal of the muzzle control that PWS muzzle devices have become known for. The Triad 556 model is a suppressorcompatible mount for the Gemtech Halo.

The Triad is classified as a flash suppressor under ATF guidelines and should be used in accordance with each state’s firearms laws. Triad flash suppressors ship with the PWS Muzzle Device Alignment Set. Additional mounting devices are not required.

Designed as a purpose-built flash suppressor, the Triad 556 is a great option on rifles where muzzle control and flash suppression are equally important and where the overpressure of a muzzle break is not an option.


LENGTH  2.20” (56 mm)
DIAMETER  .925” (23.4 mm)
THREAD PITCH   5/8 x 24 RH
WEIGHT   2.3 oz. (65.2g)