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NEW - High Velocity Arms EBR - Enhanced Bolt Release


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HVA EBR Enhanced Bolt Release 

Many of our customers have requested that we update the performance and usability of the Mil Spec bolt release / catch.  We began the EBR's design with the lower portion of the bolt catch, the little button has been a notorious a complaint of AR users. We added an arm and small angled paddle within quick reach of the left hand thumb for an easy engagement. For the top paddle of the EBR, we increased the surface area and increased the cant angle for quicker and easier release of the bolt. The EBR is milled from billet stainless steel, NOT mold casted, it takes approximately 35 minutes to mill each piece. The EBR is finished off with a durable Black Nitride process for increased wear-resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, lubricity and a hard black finish.