Fortis Muzzle Break 5.56 SS


Title: Fortis Muzzle Break 556 SS

The new Fortis Muzzle Brake was inspired by the sharp lines of the brand. Like many of the Fortis products, the machining on this brake takes a lot longer than the competition. Fortis takes their time to create the very best products out there. Sure, Fortis can make it more simple and in the end, fatten the profit margins -- but they believe that they owe it to their customers to create not only a product, but an amazing experience. Try the new muzzle brake once and you'll be glad you did. The performance is unmatched and muzzle rise is non-existent. Keep your speed and accuracy up. Put more down range and on target.

**Compatible with our new Fortis Control Blast Mitigation Device (BMD).

303 Stainless Steel
Bead Blasted
For the .223 / 5.56
1/2 x 28 TPI
Comes with a crush washer
2.8 ounces
2.28 inches
Made in America
Fortis Control BMD compatible