High Velocity Arms - AMR GEN 3.5 Ambidextrous Magazine Catch / Release - Drop in Replacement

$79.99 $59.99

Title: HVA AMR

High Velocity Arms Gen 3.5 AMR – Ambidextrous Magazine Catch / Release.  The HVA AMR Gen 3.5 sports the same sleek style and lines as the 3.0 but with an improved finger surface texture for improved grip, feel and action. The HVA AMR retains the features that separate our ambidextrous magazine release form the competition. The HVA AMR is machined from billet steel featuring a one-piece magazine catch and shaft. This one piece design eliminates part failure found in many imported two-piece “mil spec” parts on the market. High Velocity Arms is still the only manufacturer with this feature. We also kept the improved feed angle of the magazine catch for smoother magazine loading and faster magazine changes. And the same easy reach and simple one finger function is perfect for left hand shooters and offhand maneuvers.

And as always --- Made in USA!!  Lifetime guarantee

  • Improved finger texture for a more positive action, grip and feel.
  • Billet machined single piece mag catch and shaft
  • Improved ramp angle for smoother magazine loading and faster magazine dumps
  • Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Pivot Pin
  • Anodized Type 2 and Black Oxide Finish
  • Designed for true left handed use and offhand shooting maneuvers

*May not fit on all billet machined lowers