At High Velocity Arms our goal is to provide new parts and accessories for the high-end AR- 15 custom builder striving for the best and latest. Our mission is to move beyond cookie cutter manufacturing and take full advantage of what modern design, materials and machines can deliver. Machines such as the DMG–DMU 65 MonoBlock 5 axis Universal Milling Machine, the latest generation state of the art machine. We push the limits of the 5 axis, fully machining all the facets and fillets to deliver a part that is of exceptional quality, precision and design. We proudly engraved the HVA logo on each piece we make. We finish off each product using the latest coatings of Nib-X Nickel Boron, Ceramics and Phosphate from our partner– WMD Guns; the leader in gun coating solutions.

HVA will soon offer high-end AR-15 rifle enthusiasts more options for parts to build and customize their personal rifle. We are beginning our product designs with new aluminum gas blocks, , assist levers, muzzle devices and upgrade chassis.

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